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Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry might be expecting

Orlando Bloom who might be a great actor, if you count acting as an elf in Lord of the rings as something spectacular then Orlando Bloom must have played a spectacular character in an unforgettable way. However with fame comes responsibilities and in the case of Bloom, it’s keeping the heart throb image alive and famously dating hot girls, supermodels and celebrities.

Orlando Bloom recently started dating the pop-darling Katy Perry. This has been a relationship that has been speculated on for months. To fuel the gossip mongers and tabloids, the couple have been sported in images doing things that couples do like taking a plane home for thanksgiving and boarding it in their onesies.

Katy has been spotted with a serious looking engagement ring on her finger. These two have tried to control over their private lives by being that couple pretending not to be a couple by attending the same events separately. However, things seem to be changing.

Orlando and Katy attended the New York UNICEF Snow Flake Ball where Katy was being honoured. The love birds were quiet cosy at the event and Orlando was caught rubbing Katy’s belly affectionately. The rumour mill suggests that Orlando might be looking at being a father once again. One loving gentle belly rub on your girlfriend does not mean there’s a baby on the way, does it? Although publicists deny pregnancy rumors the fans are exited at the possibility.