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Kylie Jenner responds to recent antics by 21 Savage: “That’s What Bitches Do”

Kyle Jenner, who belongs to the famous Kardashians, has had enough with 21 Savage antics. 21 Savage has loudly expressed his affection for the 19-year-old reality star. Because of his fondness for Kylie Jenner, and his recent acts, a beef seems to be simmering between him and Tyga.

In fact, a fan page posed the question: “Why could you start a problem then become furious after the person responds back? why?” Jenner responded and said, “Because that’s what bitches do.” Ouch.

21 Savage is claiming that everything that is being said is not true. Clearly, he made it worse by gushing over Kylie Jenner on Instagram. Additionally, he made things more complicated when he told TMZ cameras he would “tear that as up” with reference to what he would do to Tyga’s girlfriend if given a chance.

However Savage was quick to refute the information saying that the videos making rounds on the internet, where he appears to be attacking the Good Music rapper are in fact old. On the other hand, it appears that Tyga is prepared to do anything to defend his girlfriend.